Made in Concrete, Washington
These are painted with interior enamel (zero-voc interior paint) beneath at least 2 coats of non-toxic acrylic varnish (Liquitex - used by top art institutions, although they top it off with the same brand of removable varnish), atop 2.5 inch thick, approximately 6ft 8in wide, hollow-core wooden doors (no handle holes, reclaimed/up-cycled) with painted sides. I regularly scrape them throughout the process with a burly scraper, so the finished surfaces are quite tough.

They hang flush to the wall on two screws by two holes in the back. Standard central spacing of the mounts facilitates easy/instant swaps. I'm happy to trade in any piece (even on a yearly basis for a change of scenery/taste) for another as I believe it enhances both the functionality of such large decor, and the creative process. For example; if you purchased a piece for 1000$ and wanted to trade it in for a new one that goes for 1500$ - The new painting would cost 500$. If you wanted to trade between a piece that sold for 1500$ for one selling for 1000$ - No money would change hands, but you'd have a 1500$ credit towards a new one in the future. This policy is only effective in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State, and is in beta testing (if I were to end the practice - I'd grant one final swap).. 
I feel like I'm just getting started, and committed to exploring imagery towards the abstract/ambient end of the spectrum on this particular substrate for years to come.
Pieces must be seen in person before a purchase/decision is made; let me know which one's you're considering and I'll send price quotes, followed by arrangements for me to swing by for a viewing if still interested (I can carry 8 at a time comfortably, along with a few more if need be). Pricing takes into account my current perception of quality, effectiveness, market, surface area, and time spent on the creation process; ranging between 300$ - 1800$ (Most gravitating towards 900$). Feel free to barter/argue; it isn't an exact science (a mildly interesting, tolerable, and occasionally fun aspect of art).
Free delivery and mounting available in the Pacific Northwest (including Yakima;) (visual shenanigans - past and ongoing)
Thanks for having a look!! All comments, questions, suggestions, requests, etc welcome: