Aside from the creative process; What I've found most compelling about these pieces is how they draw attention and respond to ever changing light conditions, and how they dramatically expand one's sense of space (and time;) - Something to do with detail (They enlarge the rooms they're placed in).
Made in Concrete, Washington.
These are painted with interior enamel (zero-voc interior paint) beneath at least 2 coats of non-toxic acrylic varnish (Liquitex - used by top art institutions, although they top it off with the same brand of removable varnish), atop 2.5 inch thick, approx. 6ft 8in wide, hollow-core wooden doors (reclaimed/up-cycled) with painted sides.

I usually regularly scrape them throughout the process with a heavy duty scraper, so the finished surfaces are very tough.

Hangs flush to the wall on two screws by two holes in the back. Standard central spacing facilitates easy swaps and trades.
I'll happily send more images upon request (quick mockups if you send an interior pic, variable lighting conditions and angles, alternate wall-paint colors, sides, etc).
I take many factors into account when addressing price. Quotes are good for a week upon request; Contact me below, or send an email to mountainstandard at gmail dot com
Free delivery and mounting available in the Pacific Northwest.
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